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Can you help fund Victoria's community independent campaign for Lane Cove?

If you want to be involved in doing politics differently please consider donating to support Victoria Davidson’s community independent campaign for Lane Cove. 

We rely on support from members of our community to fund printing, advertising, running this website and a host of other items required to run Victoria’s campaign for the March NSW election.

Donation options

For donations under $500

For donations under $500 please use the form on this page.

For donations of $500 or more

If you are able to donate $500 or more please use direct bank deposit or cheque so funds aren't to lost to high credit card transaction fees. Please click here for the online form, or send us an email at [email protected].

Campaign donation rules

All donations to Victoria's campaign must comply with NSW Electoral Commission regulations.

The donation cap for independent candidates is $3,300 per donor, in aggregate, per financial year.

Under the Electoral Funding Act 2018 (NSW) it is unlawful for a ‘prohibited donor’ to make donations to a NSW candidate.

 A “prohibited donor” is a:

 (a)   a property developer;

 (b)   a tobacco industry business entity; or

 (c)    a liquor or gambling industry business entity:

 and includes:

 (d)   close associates (being directors, officers and their spouses or people with 20% or more of the vote) of these prohibited donors, and

 (e)   any industry representative organisation if the majority of its members are prohibited donors.

Further details about what each of the above terms mean can be found here. If you have any concerns about whether you might be a prohibited donor, please contact us or the NSW Electoral Commission before donating.

If you donate $1,000 or more to Victoria Davidson's campaign in FY22/23 you will be disclosed as a donor on the NSW Electoral Commission website within 21 days of donating and will need to submit a donor return in July 2023.