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Lane Cove deserves a local representative who cares about people, not parties.

I stood for election in March 2023 as an independent because of a deep concern that our community’s needs and aspirations were not the priority of politicians or the political parties they belong to. And this has not changed. 

Lane Cove locals, from Putney to Greenwich, are concerned their issues are not being championed. We still have ongoing problems with bus shortages and timetable restrictions. Development in our electorate unevenly impacts certain areas and adequate infrastructure to support the increased density is urgently required.

And the pressing need to transition to a sustainable economy is greater than ever, especially with high energy prices and cost of living pressures. There is a real risk NSW will not meet its 2030 renewables targets.

The major parties aren’t listening to you. I will.

I want to ensure that our government is working to improve the lives of each and every person in NSW, not just a wealthy few.  We need someone who will fight for the needs of each one of us, to quality healthcare and education, to reliable public transport, to lower energy bills, more affordable housing, and better access to greenspace and recreational facilities. We need to make sure that our taxpayer dollars are spent wisely, not wasted or redirected to satisfy the interests of donors or lobby groups.  We need strong leadership to ensure real and meaningful progress is made on achieving a safe climate for us all - that means ending our reliance on coal and gas.  We need to take the politics out of politics in NSW.

The next NSW State election is in 2027. I am committed to staying engaged and working for our community, not just at election time. For democracy to flourish and to work for every community member, it is vital we are engaged and active. I’m keen to hear what is concerning you about our Lane Cove electorate. 

I might not be in Parliament, but I’m eager to find solutions and help in any way I can.

My policies reflect what’s important to our community:

  • Lower Energy Bills and a Cleaner Economy
  • Protecting our Beautiful Natural Resources
  • Clean up politics in NSW
  • Gambling Reform Now, not Later
  • Improve Public Transport
  • Properly Funded Health and Education
  • Density Done Well 

Let Victoria know what you think can be done better for the people of Lane Cove. Email here.

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