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Redress Social Inequality Policy

Progress reform to enduring social justice inequalities including:

  • Pursuing reform of the justice system to deliver safe processes and just outcomes for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.
  • Supporting programs that provide specialist training for all police officers, prosecutors, and judicial officers to ensure they respond in a trauma-informed and culturally appropriate way.
  • Adopting a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to addressing domestic and intimate partner violence, including a wrap-around victim support service and early and effective police intervention.
  • Embedding and strengthening comprehensive, age appropriate, education into the school curriculum on informed consent and healthy relationships to address long term cultural change.
  • Raising the age of criminal responsibility to 14 years.
  • Targeting recidivism especially in youth correctional centres
  • Introduce legislation similar to the federal Respect at Work Bill 2022 to help reduce sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Support legislation to end conversion practices that seek to change or suppress a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Remove exemptions from anti-discrimination laws that allow religious schools to discriminate against LGBTQI+ students and teachers. (NSW will soon also be the only state that allows this.)


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