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Core Policy Commitments

Since announcing my candidacy as the Independent for Lane Cove in December 2022, I have engaged in hundreds of conversations with people right across our electorate.  Those discussions have informed the development of my policy priorities for the next term of Parliament - these are the issues that matter most to you, and if successfully elected as Lane Cove’s representative, I would be honoured to advocate on your behalf.

Core Policy Commitments

Climate Change and a Green Economy 

  • At least a 60% Emissions Reduction Target (ERT) by 2030, 80% by 2035, and Net Zero by 2040
    • legislation of targets and clear emissions reduction planning for all sectors, including hard to abate sectors;
      • legislation must ensure built-in monitoring and accountability;
      • regular reporting to Parliament and a Climate Change Joint Parliamentary Committee would strengthen monitoring, reporting and public confidence. 
    • whole of economy approach to climate change solutions: a climate change lens applied to all government projects and decisions to ensure they are not incompatible with achieving ERTs;
    • support for households and businesses to transition to full electrification and get off gas.  Support the development of a gas substitution roadmap;
    • ensure there is an equitable transition to clean energy including for those in strata/ apartment living;
    • support for community batteries and a small scale storage target.
  • No new coal or gas projects 
  • Acknowledgement that Australia is one of the highest per capita CO2-e emitters in the world and we need an accelerated transition away from fossil fuel exports to green industries including critical minerals and rare earth mining, and value added manufacturing.   
  • Introduce a progressive coal royalty (similar to Qld) with the additional funds specifically designated to support regional communities to transition;
  • Acceleration and prioritisation of investment in renewable energy projects and transmission infrastructure, including firming/storage solutions;
  • Recognition that we need active leadership and vision for the transition to a zero-carbon economy, including a significant investment in building the highly skilled workforce needed for a decarbonised future.


  • End native forest logging; transition to 100% sustainable timber plantations by 2024;
    • NSW native forests are worth more standing for their carbon, recreational, ecological and cultural values;
    • this would immediately cease emissions of around 1.5 million tonnes of CO2-e per year;
  • Increased community rights in environmental decision making, including:
    • allowing a merits review on major projects approved by the Independent Planning Commission, even if a public hearing has taken place;
    • access to information on native vegetation clearing approvals and plans.
  • Secure protection of our unique biodiversity (including Koalas) through:
    • protection of existing National Parks, and expansion of the National Park estate including the creation of the Great Koala National Park;
    • support for a ban on clearing of active koala habitats and corridors across land tenures;
    • protection of our marine ecosystems by expanding the state’s network of protected and enforced marine parks and sanctuary zones.
  • Increased government funding for recycling infrastructure, including soft plastics recycling, as we move to a circular economy;
  • Hold the government to account to deliver on the Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy, and push for clear targets for the use of recycled content by governments and industry.

Integrity in Politics

  • Transparent decision-making, and integrity and accountability in politics must be at the centre of our political system.
  • We must address the problems of undue influence of industry bodies and lobby groups.
  • Recognition of the structural distortion caused by “pork barrelling” and work to eradicate it from our grants processes.  
  • To adequately ensure integrity, transparency and accountability, the government must implement the following five actions: 
    • enact an independent funding body to set funding of NSW ICAC and other oversight bodies in order to ensure independence and long-term appropriate resourcing;
    • introduce performance standards for ICAC, with transparent public reporting, to minimise delays in finalising inquiries;
    • legislation of grants administration to ensure funding is granted solely on merit;
      • any allocation of grant funding which departs from public service recommendations should be explained publicly, and in a timely and transparent fashion;
    • ban political donations from registered clubs in NSW by extending the meaning of ‘prohibited donors’ in Electoral Funding laws;
    • end the ‘jobs for mates’ culture by overhauling public appointment processes.

Cost of Living 

  • A fiscally responsible government with targeted cost of living support; 
  • Housing affordability for key workers and the most vulnerable;
  • Rapid uptake and investment in renewable energy and transmission infrastructure to provide cheap, clean energy to households and businesses;
  • Long term planning for a decarbonised future, including accelerated investment in clean export industries;
  • Ensure the transition to a green economy is fair and just, ensuring workers and communities be given a fair opportunity to transition into new, sustainable livelihoods.

Gambling Reform

Poker machine reform needs to tackle both money laundering and the harm caused by problem gambling. Support the adoption of the evidence based recommendations of Wesley Mission, that tackle the harm caused by problem gambling, including:

  • Implementation of an ID linked, mandatory cashless gaming card, with built-in harm minimisation measures including meaningful daily, weekly, and annual default loss limits;
  • Extending the pokies power down period by four hours to run from 12am to 10am;
  • Establish an independent statewide self-exclusion register;
  • Empowering local councils to make submissions on all poker machine applications in their communities;
  • Publishing venue poker machine data on a regular basis.

Planning and Development 

Development frameworks that serve industry well don’t necessarily serve our community, and there is a lack of trust in the planning process.  The current planning system is top down, fragmented, incoherent and inaccessible. I support the following approach:

Support reforms which deliver climate resilient and climate protective housing;

  • introduce sustainability planning principles to tackle the problems of urban heat, the need to increase the amount of tree canopy and local green spaces, improve walkability to services, and retrofit existing homes for higher energy efficiency standards;  
  • hold the government to account to implement, regularly review, and publicly release the Flood and Bushfire Inquiry planning reforms;
  • prioritise public transport networks and active transport in the planning process;
  • call on the government to prepare a roadmap and timetable for operational and embodied carbon reduction in the built environment and require government entities and departments to comply.
  • Ensure land use development decisions take into account greenhouse gas emissions including scope 3 (exported) emissions on fossil fuel projects.
  • Enhance public participation in planning decisions;
  • restore the role of local communities in the Planning Process;
  • resource Local Councils to undertake Strategic Planning and involve the community in that process;
  • comprehensive, genuine and effective front-end community engagement and consultation;
  • ensure communities have equal legal rights and access including the removal of clauses preventing merits review for major projects approved by the IPC;
  • ensure there is full disclosure of cost-benefit and business case analysis for major projects.
  • support inclusive zoning with a requirement for a diversity of housing types, including adequate provision for affordable housing linked to population and migration.


  • Work with the Federal Government to improve access and affordability of health services - including dental and mental health;
  • Support the implementation of the National Preventive Health Strategy investing in holistic, evidence-based, outcomes-focused policies to reduce the human and economic costs of chronic disease and to ensure the future sustainability of our health system;
  • Address critical nursing shortages through support for higher wages and nurse to patient load ratios;
  • Strong commitment to tackle the vaping epidemic in young people, in collaboration with the Federal Government; 
    • tackling the growing vaping epidemic among young people will require coordination across both Federal and State governments: the regulatory landscape is complex;
    • currently, the vaping industry and illegal suppliers are exploiting existing regulatory loopholes to target young people - this must be stopped;
    • we need to strengthen the regulation of e-cigarettes; ensuring that they meet minimum quality control and safety standards in their manufacture, distribution and use;
    • all forms of advertising and promotion of e-cigarettes and other novel tobacco products - should be prohibited and consistent with tobacco advertising prohibitions;
    • continue to support existing legal pathways for access to e-cigarettes for adults, to assist those seeking to quit smoking under the care of their health professional. 


  • Support parental choice and diversity in the schooling system. This includes access to properly resourced public schooling; 
  • Full implementation of the recommendations of the Gonski Review to ensure a fair and just education system for all.
  • Address critical teacher shortages through:
    • support for higher wages and permanent role status;
    • support for evidence based reforms which aim to improve the desirability of the teaching profession.
  • Support increased funding of TAFE to lift its quality and availability:
    • recognise that TAFE has a crucial role to play in building the workforce required for the transition to a decarbonised economy;
  • Ensure the government develops a strategic workforce plan: we must build the workforce required to meet net zero goals


  • Review the impact of recent privatisation of bus routes and assess the effect on community needs.
  • Ensure equal access to transport across the electorate of Lane Cove.

Redress social inequalities

Progress reform to enduring social justice inequalities including:

  • Pursuing reform of the justice system to deliver safe processes and just outcomes for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.
  • Supporting programs that provide specialist training for all police officers, prosecutors, and judicial officers to ensure they respond in a trauma-informed and culturally appropriate way.
  • Adopting a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to addressing domestic and intimate partner violence, including a wrap-around victim support service and early and effective police intervention.
  • Embedding and strengthening comprehensive, age appropriate, education into the school curriculum on informed consent and healthy relationships to address long term cultural change.
  • Raising the age of criminal responsibility to 14 years.
  • Targeting recidivism especially in youth correctional centres
  • Introduce legislation similar to the federal Respect at Work Bill 2022 to help reduce sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Support legislation to end conversion practices that seek to change or suppress a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Remove exemptions from anti-discrimination laws that allow religious schools to discriminate against LGBTQI+ students and teachers. (NSW will soon also be the only state that allows this.)

Collaborative Government

  • I am committed to work across all levels of government to ensure the best outcomes for the Lane Cove community;
  • I am committed to work across the political divide to optimise policy development and implementation in the public interest.
  • I am committed to ensuring integrity, consultation and collaboration are standard, and that public policy is debated and voted on solely on its merits, without undue reference to vested interests.


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