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Planning and Development Policy

Development frameworks that serve industry well don’t necessarily serve our community, and there is a lack of trust in the planning process.  The current planning system is top down, fragmented, incoherent and inaccessible. I support the following approach:

Support reforms which deliver climate resilient and climate protective housing;

  • introduce sustainability planning principles to tackle the problems of urban heat, the need to increase the amount of tree canopy and local green spaces, improve walkability to services, and retrofit existing homes for higher energy efficiency standards;  
  • hold the government to account to implement, regularly review, and publicly release the Flood and Bushfire Inquiry planning reforms;
  • prioritise public transport networks and active transport in the planning process;
  • call on the government to prepare a roadmap and timetable for operational and embodied carbon reduction in the built environment and require government entities and departments to comply.
  • Ensure land use development decisions take into account greenhouse gas emissions including scope 3 (exported) emissions on fossil fuel projects.
  • Enhance public participation in planning decisions;
  • restore the role of local communities in the Planning Process;
  • resource Local Councils to undertake Strategic Planning and involve the community in that process;
  • comprehensive, genuine and effective front-end community engagement and consultation;
  • ensure communities have equal legal rights and access including the removal of clauses preventing merits review for major projects approved by the IPC;
  • ensure there is full disclosure of cost-benefit and business case analysis for major projects.
  • Support inclusive zoning with a requirement for a diversity of housing types, including adequate provision for affordable housing linked to population and migration.


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