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NSW Music Industry's 'Vote Music Policy Paper' Pledge - ARIA & PPCA

15th March 2003

Julia Robinson - Head of Policy and Advocacy, ARIA and PPCA


Dear Julia,

NSW Music Industry State Election Policy Paper 

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding the Vote Music Policy Paper for 2023. I appreciate the effort that has been involved in developing this strategic initiative in collaboration with key stakeholders from the contemporary music industry.

Music and the arts are central to improving the quality and enjoyment of our everyday lives. An inadequate investment in the music industry, along with the impact of COVID has created significant challenges.

It is time for our State government to invest in the development of a clear long term strategy for contemporary music in NSW, in order to harness the significant economic, social and cultural value this industry provides our state.

I am very pleased to indicate my full support for your proposals, which seek to cement NSW as the premier music destination in Australia.

Yours sincerely

Victoria Davidson

Community Independent Candidate for Lane Cove