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Lane Cove - Media Releases - Community Independent Announced

Tuesday December 6: Community Independent announced for the NSW seat of Lane Cove

A Lane Cove businesswoman, Victoria Davidson, is the third independent candidate to announce she is contesting a seat in the NSW State Election on March 25.

She’ll be running in Lane Cove against Planning Minister, Anthony Roberts.

Ms Davidson joins candidates Joeline Hackman in Manly and Karen Freyer in Vaucluse. All three electorates are represented federally by community ‘teal’ independents who were successful in May’s General Election.

The local group which found and launched Kylea Tink’s successful federal campaign, North Sydney’s Independent, asked Victoria to be a community independent candidate for Lane Cove.

Victoria is a lawyer and mediator who has worked in corporate and commercial law, the arts and for the last 11 years as the Business Manager for The Foot Group, a podiatry clinic she runs with her husband, Andrew Scown.

They have lived in Lane Cove for 15 years with their three children and dog, Max.

She believes passionately that her community’s views and interests should be represented in state parliament rather than policies dictated by the major parties influenced as they are by lobby groups and vested interests.

Victoria says “We need to do politics differently, to develop a forward looking economy that provides for all of us, to do more and act more quickly to counteract climate change, and to make sure public money is spent effectively and efficiently.  Lane Cove will have a clear choice in the March NSW election”.

The latest published polling taken by the Redbridge group in late September, shows Victoria Davidson has a real chance of taking Lane Cove from the government.

When asked who they would support if there was an independent like the federal member for North Sydney, Kylea Tink, running, 23.7% said they would vote for the independent.

This is within striking distance of the Liberal Party’s 32.8% and well ahead of where Kylea Tink was at this stage of her campaign. In 2019 Roberts had just under 52% of primary votes suggesting he may now be down 20% on his 2019 result.

The poll also found almost two thirds (61%) of Lane Cove voters had lost trust in the NSW government after the Barilaro jobs-for-mates scandal.


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