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Integrity in Politics Policy

  • Transparent decision-making, and integrity and accountability in politics must be at the centre of our political system.

  • We must address the problems of undue influence of industry bodies and lobby groups.

  • Recognition of the structural distortion caused by “pork barrelling” and work to eradicate it from our grants processes.  

  • To adequately ensure integrity, transparency and accountability, the government must implement the following five actions: 

    • enact an independent funding body to set funding of NSW ICAC and other oversight bodies in order to ensure independence and long-term appropriate resourcing;

    • introduce performance standards for ICAC, with transparent public reporting, to minimise delays in finalising inquiries;
    • legislation of grants administration to ensure funding is granted solely on merit:
      • any allocation of grant funding which departs from public service recommendations should be explained publicly, and in a timely and transparent fashion;
    • ban political donations from registered clubs in NSW by extending the meaning of ‘prohibited donors’ in Electoral Funding laws;
    • end the ‘jobs for mates’ culture by overhauling public appointment processes.


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