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Health Policy

  • Work with the Federal Government to improve access and affordability of health services - including dental and mental health;

  • Support the implementation of the National Preventive Health Strategy investing in holistic, evidence-based, outcomes-focused policies to reduce the human and economic costs of chronic disease and to ensure the future sustainability of our health system;

  • Address critical nursing shortages through support for higher wages and nurse to patient load ratios;

  • Strong commitment to tackle the vaping epidemic in young people, in collaboration with the Federal Government: 

    • tackling the growing vaping epidemic among young people will require coordination across both Federal and State governments: the regulatory landscape is complex;

    • currently, the vaping industry and illegal suppliers are exploiting existing regulatory loopholes to target young people - this must be stopped;

    • we need to strengthen the regulation of e-cigarettes; ensuring that they meet minimum quality control and safety standards in their manufacture, distribution and use;
    • all forms of advertising and promotion of e-cigarettes and other novel tobacco products - should be prohibited and consistent with tobacco advertising prohibitions;
    • continue to support existing legal pathways for access to e-cigarettes for adults, to assist those seeking to quit smoking under the care of their health professional. 


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