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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you running as the community independent candidate for Lane Cove?

Because I was asked to by North Sydney’s Independent (NSI) and, like so many in our Lane Cove community, I am very concerned about the fall in integrity in our NSW government. 

NSI is the community group which found Kylea Tink and launched her successful campaign to win the seat of North Sydney in the 2022 Federal Election. Once she was selected, Kylea set up her own organisation and NSI turned its attention to the three state electorates which made up North Sydney federal electorate: Lane Cove, North Shore and Willoughby. NSI advertised for candidates to come forward for the seat of Lane Cove in August and after an extensive search I was asked to run as Lane Cove’s community independent.

Is NSI a political party?

No. It is a community based movement that wants to make sure the best traditions of democracy are maintained. Now that I am the selected candidate NSI will stand back and I will operate my own race with the help of lots of amazing volunteers.

What are your policies?

You can see my policy positions here.

I don’t have all or even most of the answers. I want to hear from you. 

I know there will be a range of views on any matter of importance but where there is a clear consensus, I undertake to faithfully represent your values and to make time to hear what you have to say. 

Please fill out this survey or even better, come up for a chat at any of the many public events I will be attending during this campaign. 

If we can harness the wisdom of the community  we will go a long way towards getting a better outcome for all of us.

How are you funded?

My campaign is community funded. My campaign complies with NSW Electoral Commission Regulations.

My campaign is almost exclusively run and funded by volunteers in our community. The campaign is relying on donations of time and money from local people who want to see a better way of running our state.

Please donate here

What are donations used for?

The money is used for the myriad of things that make up a political campaign. Printing, advertising, website hosting, running an office and making sure we comply with the rules and guidelines set down by the NSW Electoral Commission.

Are you associated with Climate 200?

Climate 200 has been supportive of Victoria's campaign as our values regarding climate and integrity are aligned. Note that in NSW political donations are capped at $3300 - these regulations apply to Climate 200 as they do to all donors. Victoria's campaign has received donations from over 160 individual donors so far.

How can I support you?

Get involved with Victoria’s community independent campaign for Lane Cove…

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