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Environment Policy

End native forest logging; transition to 100% sustainable timber plantations by 2024;

  • NSW native forests are worth more standing for their carbon, recreational, ecological and cultural values;
  • this would immediately cease emissions of around 1.5 million tonnes of CO2-e per year;

Increased community rights in environmental decision making, including:

  • allowing a merits review on major projects approved by the Independent Planning Commission, even if a public hearing has taken place;
  • access to information on native vegetation clearing approvals and plans.

Secure protection of our unique biodiversity (including Koalas) through:

  • protection of existing National Parks, and expansion of the National Park estate including the creation of the Great Koala National Park;
  • support for a ban on clearing of active koala habitats and corridors across land tenures;
  • protection of our marine ecosystems by expanding the state’s network of protected and enforced marine parks and sanctuary zones.

Increased government funding for recycling infrastructure, including soft plastics recycling, as we move to a circular economy;

  • Hold the government to account to deliver on the Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy, and push for clear targets for the use of recycled content by governments and industry.


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