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Victoria's Pledges to our Lane Cove community

Candidate Pledges and Scorecards - Community and Organisations

- Nurses and Midwives Association NSW Branch

- Health Services Union Paramedics 

- NSW Music Industry's 'Vote Music Policy Paper' Pledge - ARIA & PPCA 

- Royal Life Saving NSW's State Election 2023 Water Safety Pledge

Armenian National Committee of Australia - Australian Friends of Artsakh

- Nature Conservation Council of NSW's scorecard named Victoria as a candidate who 'will protect nature and act on climate'.

NCC NSW Lane Cove Scorecard

- Vote Climate One's Traffic Light Election Guide (scorecard) named Victoria as a 'Green Light Candidate'

  • Green light candidates have been rigorously assessed as absolutely committed to real action on the climate emergency.

Vote Climate One Scorecard



Candidate Personal Pledge to Lane Cove Electorate 

I, Victoria Anne Davidson, pledge that I will represent the interests of my electorate as a whole and give effect to the ideals of democratic government by:

  • Being inclusive and respectful of the views and priorities of the diverse range of people in the area I represent;
  • Actively engaging with the community I represent, by developing respectful, participatory and deliberative political practices;
  • Conducting myself honourably, with dignity and care;
  • Putting the community's interest before any personal, sectional or partisan interests;
  • Refraining from exploiting my rivals' private failings for political gain;
  • Exercising the privileges, and discharging the duties, of public office with integrity and transparency;
  • Holding myself accountable for conduct for which I am responsible;
  • Acting in good conscience so as to strengthen the trust and respect of the community for our democratic institutions;
  • Voting in accordance with my policies, formed from engagement and consultation with my constituents;
  • Engaging in evidence-based decision making;
  • Being transparent in all my actions when in office, including publicly disclosing all donations within a reasonable timeframe.

Victoria Anne Davidson

1 December 2022


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